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Reaction to Lloyd Harbor Workshop for Parents

Dr. Hulton,

Thank you for your wonderful workshop at the Lloyd Harbor School this morning.   It is always refreshing to have affirmation on our parenting philosophy.   Seemingly, I have been quite alone in my ideas of parenting - including pushing the kids outside when they get home to dig for worms and climb trees, keeping the TV off, letting them manage their own social time, and avoiding scheduled and competitive activities until they reach their late elementary school years.   They are empathetic, confident, humorous, pleasant, and loving children and most of all, they love each other and respect each other tremendously, and I attribute it to their being together and having the opportunities to work out their differences and enjoy their companionship.   How refreshing to hear of your support in slowing down the chaotic pace that so many parents seem to get swallowed up in - all in an effort to have their children achieve.   I hope that others follow your suggestion and throw away those applications to preschool acting classes and kindergarten soccer tournaments...perhaps as a community we will see the benefit of giving the children a box of sidewalk chalk and playing a game of hopscotch after school!

Concerned Parent

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